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Automation technique for the switch cabinet construction

For a long time the switch cabinet construction was seen as impossible to be automated, as for this craft the single piece construction is much more typical than the mass production. Still in the mid 1990 each switch cabinet was manufactured manually, even at STEINHAUER.

When in 1999 the first generation of machines for the automation of switch cabinet construction was delivered, the users obtained distinctive competitive advantages compared to their conventionally working competitors. Through intelligent software for the work preparation, the part of human effort for the working on a switch cabinet housing dropped to more or less 10% of the time that was necessary before using the working centre from STEINHAUER, but also an increase in quality was quite obvious. After a very short time, the working centre seemed to be indispensable in the workshops.
In 2005 was an alternation of generation. The new eCAB WorkCenter was not only working much faster, it offered a higher scalability due to a big accessories program as well as new possibilities for processing different material. The machine became quickly a standard in this market segment through developing the machine and the software by our selves, and our own design and manufacturing.

For Workshops with smaller budget the eCAB DrillMate, a clever drilling machine followed soon, our machine for the automatic manufacturing of mounting plates.

In 2006 follows the eCAB Giant, based on the well-engineered and mature technique of the successful fully automatic machine eCAB WorkCenter, the eCAB Giant is our switch cabinet working centre for highest expectations. Worldwide, the eCAB Giant is the only machine, which allows the processing of indecomposable housings with a height 2400mm.

The current line-up of machines for the automation of the switch cabinet construction was completed in 2007 by our eCAB PWA, the first personal cable confectioning machine as well as the eCAB NC-Cut, the NC-controlled length cutting bank for material that has to be cut. STEINHAUER offers solutions for all automatable sectors of the switch cabinet industry from one hand. And every thing fits together. Additionally to all the above mentioned STEINHAUER manufactures special machines for different jobs, since 2006.